Most “energy bars” are really just candy bars in gym clothing

So we’re not going to name any names or point any fingers on this one. Just want everyone to be on the lookout – big time. The buzzword “energy” is everywhere, being used and abused by Big Food. “Energy” drinks are usually loaded with caffeine, sucralose, and sugar, setting you up for a big drop when it all wears off.

So what’s the magic in these “energy” bars that makes them so special for active folks to eat? Are they any better than sucking down a GMO-lab-made nightmare like Snickers, Twix, or Milky Way? It doesn’t seem many Americans read past the names and slogans on these junk science, processed “grantors of thy holy energy.” Maybe all these snack bars are doing the opposite to you of what they claim. Think about it.

Should you really be eating anything that’s processed? It’s time to start flipping over those junk-science bars and read the ingredients to see what’s being included that’s not only draining your energy, but ruining your workouts, your memory, your blood flow, and possibly even your immunity. Don’t be a lab rat. Start filtering out this list of non-essentials and health-damaging food “stuff” now.

All kinds of “natural” sugar

Did you know that sugar keeps your body from detoxifying naturally? Sugar is an anti-nutrient that’s capable of depleting minerals in your body and stressing out your liver. Try quitting sugar for a few days straight, then only bring back sugar as whole, organic fruit. Many of these popular energy bar brands contain processed sugar, whether by fructose, sucrose, HFCS, or glucose. HFCS is a chemical concoction that fails to signal the brain that the stomach is full, so if you’re eating that “energy bar” for meal replacement, good luck with all that.

If you’re about to defend fructose, consider that the liver turns fructose into triglycerides that can damage your liver’s main functioning, thanks in part to the uric acid and free radicals.

Sucrose is nothing more than table sugar, a combination of fructose and glucose, and goes right into your bloodstream. High fructose corn syrup comes from cornstarch, which you can bet 9 out of 10 times is GMO and contains pesticides that kill bugs (and humans).

Then there’s brown rice syrup (don’t start trying to defend that too), honey, maple syrup, molasses. Kids and young parents, be sure to check that brown rice syrup for arsenic.

Next comes the arguments for Agave syrup, but that’s not natural either. Can you say “highly refined” without yawning? Agave is linked to fatty liver disease, you know. It’s actually got more fructose than HFCS.

Soy protein isolate

Did you know that isolating the soy protein often leaves behind residuals of aluminum and hexane – a vapor constituent of gasoline? Can you say “gut bomb” without holding your stomach after you eat this junk-science crap? Those are neurotoxins, my friend.

Tell us again why you’re eating that “energy” bar, was it for energy, or do you feel like lying down on the floor and doing nothing for an hour? The soy lecithin is no better. It’s Franken-food that’s got pesticide genes in it to kill bugs and weeds. You better check for those symbols of organic and non-GMO from now on.

“Natural flavors”

Just because something comes from Nature originally doesn’t mean Big Food didn’t ship it to their labs and genetically mutate it to destroy your health. They cook it and alter its form with chemicals, and the FDA still lets them label it as “natural flavors” or “all natural” – which means absolutely NOTHING in the health realm. Nothing at all. Watch out for sugar alcohols too. If you overdo those, you can cause inflammation around the brain and suffer the worst headache you’ve ever had.

Canola oil and fractionated palm kernel oil

Canola oil coagulates in your blood, causing memory loss, weight gain, and eventually dementia. No, it’s not “heart healthy.” That’s like saying margarine is heart healthy. What a joke. Fractionated palm oil is not healthy and usually contains higher levels of saturated fat than butter, which slows you down, no matter what the Big Food shills are publishing about it lately.

Casein and whey

All things dairy cause inflammation and excess mucus in humans. Humans are the ONLY animals on earth that drink milk past infancy or from another animal. Think about that for a minute. Cut the dairy. You simply don’t need it. Throw casein and whey “under the bus” because that’s where they deserve to be. No “energy” to be gained there.

Artificial sweeteners

Cutting “carbs” and calories? You may not want to punish your body with fake sugars made in laboratories that make you fat and give you irritable bowels and anxiety. Aspartame and sucralose are your enemies. What good is working out and eating “energy” bars if you’re giving yourself cancer all the while?

Tune in to and find out about whole, organic foods that actually DO give you energy and vitality, without all the junk science funk.

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